May 3, 2014

GSoC 2014 - Community Bonding Period

Its been a little more than two weeks since I was accepted into GSoC 2014 program under PSF. I have been charting out plans for course of further action. I am writing a brief overview about the community bonding period and also a short overview for the next 3 months!

During the community bonding period, I have started discussions about various sub-projects of my proposal. I have received feedback from other IDLE developers - some of which have been REALLY an eye-opener for me. It has motivated me to approach problem solving by considering all possibilities instead of picking the first choice that works.

I have been aggregating resources relating to plugin architecture design. I intend to read up on it for integrating 3rd party checking tools into IDLE. From what I skimmed, it is a more enriching experience than any software design CS course can provide. I have also been reading up on principles behind test framework, (the concept of and) working with mock objects and obviously Python's very own unittest framework. There was also a suggestion to add functions to perform actions on the code, in addition to performing analysis on it.

Personally, the most exciting part of GSoC would be adding line numbering to IDLE. It is something which has been amiss and will be almost instantly noticeable by the end user. Peers at college also appreciated this part of the proposal. Coupling with breakpoints integration, will be step forward in making IDLE a more modern IDE.

The groundwork for the first few weeks has already been done - the base file for making human mediated tests usable has already been pushed the Python Mercurial repository. I am eagerly waiting for for May 19 to get started!

Daily Reports

07 - 13 May 2014  - Not much progress has been made from my side.(End semester exams!). However, an issue has been created relating to sub-project A on the bug tracker. 

06 May 2014 - The idle-dev mailing list issue has been resolved(yay!). The recently posted discussion list links for making human mediated tests usable and integrating 3rd party code checkers.
The above link is one which has been refined based on email discussions. 

03 - 04 May 2014 - Had an initial discussion about sub-project D. Will redraft the design based on feedback. 
Also facing a problem with sending messages to the idle-dev mailing list(The message does not appear on the list and there is no error being reported). This is preventing me/us from discussing the plan with community. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

01 - 02 May 2014 - Began drafting an initial plan to tackle sub-project D - "Creating a framework to integrate 3rd party code checkers into EditorWindow". This is the biggest of the four subprojects and will require a lot of planning before any coding can be done. Currently I am making mock designs for review from mentor. It can be seen at

24 - 29 Apr 2014 - Discussed design issues of non-buildbot tests for IDLE with mentor. Arrived at an overall idea about the structure of the tests i.e. how they are to be run, how(and what) information is to be displayed to the tester, what to do in case a test fails/exception is raised. It can be viewed at

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